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Community / News

Here you’ll find information on a variety of things happening around the place; musical, cultural or just about anything that we think might be of interest – keep checking back to see what’s going on.

Mannys Goes Global

Flying the flag for Mannys during their global wanderings, some of our friends have been putting the word of Mannys out there amongst the global populace.  From left to right that’s Martin in Paris (probably pretty obvious), Chris in Rome (taking the word to the Pope, baby!) and Martin again in the beautiful Nepalese mountains.

Mannys, taking it to the world!

Apogee’s Transport – Music Blog

Check out the new blogs from Apogee’s Transport.  There are a heap of great articles in there about recording in all situations; including a chat with Berklee Music Professor Andrea Pejrolo about home/project studio planning and a variety of topics; and multi platinum producer Vincent Di Pasquale talking about producing dance music hits.


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